Rose Arrangements

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  • LXM-4030

    A low profile design of pink roses tightly arranged in a clear glass cylindrical vase.

  • LXR-1001

    A mix of roses, orchids and hydrangeas. (Flowers & Vase may vary)

  • LXM-4006

    This is a classic one and a half dozen (18) red roses. Featuring the signature hand opened premium r…

  • LXR-3010

    A rose and orchid mix with purple mini calla lilies.

  • V19-104

    Heart themed pink roses

  • LXM-4017

    This is a classic two full dozen (24) tall red roses in a clear glass cylindrical container.

  • V19-109

    Fresh flower mix with roses, hydrangeas, lilies and calalilies

  • A heart shaped flower arrangement or roses red and white.

    A heart of red and white roses.

  • LXR-2210

    Two dozens of yellow roses arrangend in a tall clear glass vase.

  • V19-106

    Red and pink roses with hydrangeas in a clear glass bowl

  • V19-105

    Pink and roses with orchids in a rectangular glass vase

  • V20-1122

    A stunning mix of adjacent colors. A three dozen rose arrangement in a clear glass fishbowl.

12 of 27 Items